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An IBM survey states that HVAC systems worldwide use only 30-70% of their embedded capacity! Our mission is to help you find the optimal combination of comfort, predictable up-front investment and low operating expenses.

Common UNKNOWNS for the Investor
The true purpose of an HVAC installation - an expensive fixed asset
Availability of information for new generation HVAC solutions and their applicability
The net positive effects of energy efficient systems and the ability to anticipate energy expenses
Options for modern control and automation
The most suitable choice of system given the project or building's HVAC needs
Current and forthcoming regulations vis-à-vis HVAC system requirements

• Carries out HVAC systems analysis and design of the critical elements required for creating an optimal Building environment
• Installs various brands of professional HVAC systems based on project specifications
• Performs independent consultations around the selection of machine types, brands and installers
• Provides advice around issues related to HVAC systems already installed and in operation
• Works to identify efficiencies in operating HVAC systems which result in significant reductions of resource requirements
• Offers full professional maintenance of HVAC installations nationwide